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Company Overview
Management Team
Core Purpose and Values

  Stockhome India Limited was Incorporated Under the companies Act 1956 vide certificate of Registration No.55-81165 dated 13 Aug 1996 issued by Registrar of Companies, Delhi and Haryana to provide Financial and Stock Broking Services. The company operates from its registered office at New Delhi and cin number is : U67120DL1996PLC081165.

Today Stockhome India Limited (SIL) is a well Established & Dynamic Broking house in India. Known for its state-of-the-art systems and innovative processes.

SIL’s values of integrity and transparency are embedded deep into its corporate culture. This helps to provide excellent services, steady growth and complete satisfaction to all its client and associates.

SIL also believes in being technologically advanced so that we can offer you our techservy customers an integrated and innovative platform to trade.

SIL has followed a consistent growth path and is established as one of the leading broking house with the support and confidence of clients, Investors, employees and associates.

SIL is committed to provide World class broking services to all its clients. At most care is taken in placing trade orders, converiently comfortably and cost effectively .SIL is staffed with Financial and technological experts to worked together as a team to provide excellence customer services

Our Mission :
  • Broking with human touch
  • Customer interest is paramount
  • Ethical and transparent business Practices
  • Cutting edge technology to ensure world class customer services.
Membership of Exchange :
  National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE).
The company is a member of National Stock exchange of India Limited and its Membership Id is 11680, Registration as a Stock Broker was granted by SEBI vide Registration No.INZ000182734 for Capital Market Segment and No.INZ000182734 for Future and Option Segment. The Company commenced trading on Capital Market Segment with Effect from 8 February 2002 on the Future and Option Segment with effect from 7 March 2002. The Company is a self Clearing Member for the Future and option Segment.

Bombay Stock Exchange - (BSE)

The company also is a member of Bombay Stock exchange and its Membership Id is 6503, Registration as a Stock Broker was granted by SEBI vide Registration No. INZ000182734 for Capital Market Segment with effect from 2 August 2012.
Office Location
  Brokerage Operations are being carried out from registered office of the company, the office of the company is located a very prime business location of Delhi . We provide trading facility through VAST & Lease Line
  In current scenario of competitiveness the technology is playing a very crucial role, group has felt and identified it, company is rapidly absorbing the technological changes and continuously upgrading its hardware and other technological requirement to meet the new challenges.
  SIL gives immense importance to training and skill updation, our staff is also well trained in all operations related to capital market, derivative market, and Depository services.
SIL maintains a strict vigil on various compliance requirement of various statutory bodies like Stock Exchange, SEBI etc. Regular and inspections are being carried out to ensure the compliance requirement this helps in keeping operations of the company transparent.


Our Commitment - Stockhome India  Ltd. is strongly committed to every individual's right to privacy and to keeping personal and financial information secure. As part of the effort to earn your trust and confidence in our commitment, we are fully disclosing our privacy practices. We therefore encourage you to read our privacy statement to familiarize and understand the types of personally identifiable information we collect and how we use this information.

SEBI Regn. No NSE CM: INZ000182734, SEBI Regn. No NSE F&O: INZ000182734, NSE Member ID: 11680, 
SEBI Regn. No BSE CM: INZ000182734, BSE Member ID: 6503

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